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Ten Ways to Make Money - Ideas You Should Know
Author: Brock Hamilton

You have probably heard a lot about the usual ways of making money online-stuff like earning from referrals or online ads-so much so that they sound so passe to you. If you are looking for more exciting ways of cashing in, here is the freshest list of ten ways to make money on the Internet.

First: Promote your expertise in an online recruitment site or marketplace. There are sites that let you do more than just upload your resume and set up your account. For example, there are sites that especially cater to the writing and creative industries, where clients post requirements that you can bid for.

Second: Take pictures and sell them as stock photos. Got a good eye for composition? Click all you want and submit your best photos to any stock photography site.

Third: Get paid to blog. There will always be a high demand for good writers, especially with the proliferation of bloggers who write about anything and everything without any regard to rules of style and grammar. If you think you can turn around a bona fide article quickly, this is something that you should try to explore.

Fourth: Put up your very own blog network. Are you a salesperson by nature? Think big by setting up your own blog network and offering selling and advertising services to companies. Make it grow by hiring more employees as more business comes in.

Fifth: Offer web development services. There is currently a high demand for Web 2.0 and open source software expertise. If you are an IT guy who is underemployed, there are a lot of freelance opportunities for you, if you only know where to look.

Sixth: Be a 12-step expert. It used to be that topics like self-improvement, time management, and anger management were discussed in public seminars where people appear and sit down for a whole day to listen to the resource person. But who has time for that now? And what is the point when you can always listen to podcasts or participate in webinars?

Seventh: Be a virtual customer service person. Small businesses and freelancers are the ones that often hire virtual after-sales assistants because they don't have the resources to set up and sustain an in-house customer assistance team. If you want to make use of your free time by booking hotel or airline reservations or arranging bills and receivables, this opportunity is for you.

Eight: Build applications for existing sites. Sites such as Facebook and Friendster may offer compensation in the form of revenue sharing for developers of applications built on top of them. Be creative. Build games and other applications that you yourself find interesting.

Ninth: Write product reviews. The more established bloggers earn a lot of money or get exciting freebies from writing reviews of products. If you blog and blog, and people read your blog, the request for reviews are likely to pour in.

Tenth: Be a professional gamer. Sounds like an oxymoron? Thanks to the Internet, even professionals who should be making productive use of their time are catching the online game fever. So how are they able to do their jobs and play at the same time? They get someone who has more time than they do to play the least exciting parts, and then they take over where the professional gamers leave off. This definitely sounds like something you can do.

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